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Bob Weir & Phil Lesh announce Duo Tour Spring 2018!

Get more details at

Bobby And Phil


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Music industry

I agree that a big part of the problem is how the music industry prevents artists from making money other than by concerts. They are a big part of the equation.

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There are still bands...

...that don't give a shit about money (at least too much). They charge as little as possible and play for as long as possible. IDK I might be wrong... but Im sure if Phil and Bob or Dead and Co wanted to charge 30 bucks a ticket, they could probably make that happen. Still no control over scalping but at least there not expensive out of the gate.

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This site...

is about the Dead not Mykonos !!!

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Of course, REAL inflation is much higher, in the sense of the dollar losing its buying power vis a vis the costs of things and the average wages people are working with. As I understand it, it's merely quantifying a mathematical increase over chronological time, such cpi calculators, from a starting point of 1913 or so when we started the Fed and what silver/gold was worth before this latest century of central banking. The price of a gallon of gasoline for example way back when as a portion of a single silver dollar has shown consistency.

A real inflation definition in my book anyway is simply a increase in money supply, not rising prices themselves, which are but a reflection of inflation, but that's Austrian school and considered heterodox.

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inflation calculator

I did the calculation. It's been 23 years since 1995. If you think a ticket should cost $54.73 in 2018 currency then you have an average annual inflation rate of 2.15%


Do you really think inflation has been 2% over that entire period? The fact that ticket prices are significantly higher than that is an argument that inflation is 2% and in fact inflation on most things (other than our wages) is much higher than that.

The government and big business will have you believe that inflation is a low 2% so that when you go to negotiate your pay raise they justify not giving it to you or when they raise the minimum wage they justify that they don't have to because inflation is low. Most importantly, social security, by law, is tied to cost of living. If they gave seniors a cost of living increase in line with what inflation truly is, social security would already be bankrupt instead of going bankrupt in the not too distant future.

So they lie. And they get away with it because most people are mathematically and economically illiterate and income disparity widens.

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It's more complicated than blaming artists/business people in live concert production SOLELY for price hikes, yes, but it's still exceeding inflation expectations, like every other thing that costs money these days, streamline. That $33.50 in July, '95 Chicago would be worth.......$54.73 today in 2018 dollars, not $150. I remember prices as low as $18.50 in '89 when I first saw the boys, which would've been only....$22.75 by '95 the year Jerry died, a 23% increase if we only inflated vis a vis a true buying power mathematical increase of the currency model. Instead they were up to almost $35 by then. Blame central banking and our failure to hew to a true economics with a gold-backed dollar, but don't get me started on that on a deadhead board..... :)

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Part of the problem here is that there is almost no other way for a performer to make money anymore, except for playing a live show. The bottom fell out of the music industry almost 40 years ago and on-line streaming and file sharing has rendered the recording side irrelevant from a cash flow standpoint.

Touring used to support the sale of recordings. That's not the model any longer. Touring is now the income stream.

So, the cost for tickets has gone up. BTW, the last Grateful Dead show at Soldier Field 23 years ago was $33.50, so why are we even surprised that tickets for Dead & Company run for $150? We shouldn't be. The production costs have increased and promoters are in the difficult position of having to guarantee bands a contracted fee for the entire tour, often with a massive initial percentage payment due upfront.

I'm not crying for the promoters or the artists, but music, like all entertainment, is a business and the cost of doing business is high. That means that the price that we pay to hear the music has risen rapidly and will likely continue to do so in the future.

Pick your shows carefully.

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Well said Beac.

I feel the pain along with thousands of other fans. Something has to be done. It does not matter if it is a Dead show or anybody else; everyone wants a taste. A slice here and a slice there.

The above is true for all concerts as well as sporting events. It is getting bad.

There has to be some tech geek somewhere who can develop a system where the artist as well as the fan gets treated fairly.

I don't mind paying the $150 range for GA, but these service charges are ugly. Depending on venue it is anywhere from 20 to 28 dollars plus a ticket. Nasty way of doing business.

What really burns me are fans who sell their extras for profit so they can pay their ticket cost to shows. Again nasty and bad karma.

Thank God for Cash n Trade. Real fans doing right.

Joined: Jul 10 2015
I live in New Jersey which

I live in New Jersey which has always legal scalping called ticket brokers. Back then I worked as a casino dealer and could'nt buy tickets in advance because of scheduling. the brokers back in the 80's would sell me $20.00 tickets for 25-30 dollars because of my situation they were the only
way I could go to a show without buying on the street only to find it was counterfeit! Here in
the present I sent in for three nights in Chicago mail order any price, any night and they mailed me three nights for $55 dollars a night. That was a true Miracle and I enjoyed the hell out of it.
after that I've been shut out of every text advance I go on line 1 second after they are released to the public and I get sent to Ticket Bastard's own ticket broker and I get a ticket in the rafters for $100.00 plus shipping and handling and then print the damn things myself only to be charged 150 a pop that is a monopoly or mafia style loan sharking or whatever you want to call it.
I have been going to shows since tickets where 4 bucks and ticketron charged an outrageous fee of 2 quarters for printing them and handing them to you.I can't afford to keep playing $150.00 a show
so we can band together and fight by way of all writing are elected officials or we can start paying $500.00 a show if we don't this is not the Dead's fault they have always did what ever they could to help but they are to old to fight are battle's. this is corporate greed getting worse every day! I hope enough people read this and write their congressmen and ever other political prick in your area there is strength in numbers.
thanks for reading,

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bring back Jerry

After Jerry died everything got expensive. In the 1990's I was paying $22-$27.50 for a concert with JERRY GARCIA playing guitar and singing. Seems like the prices should have gone down since the shows are no where near like a Grateful Dead w/ Jerry show. Jerry wasnt greedy, just wanted to play. is just a buisness and these $100 shows shows that even the shows are just money making crap. Jerry's spirit is not here. Thank god for


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