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It's about that time to break out the banjo, gather up the family band, and let your creativity flow, visually and vocally. The DEAD COVERS PROJECT returns in 2018! We will be featuring selections on Grateful Dead properties all February long but you can send in your submissions as soon as January 1st. Simply upload your video to YouTube, tag it "DeadCoversProject," and we'll make it available to view on the band's official YouTube channel, in February.

Check out this year's growing playlist.

Dead Covers Project


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Joined: Feb 25 2018
Dead Covers Project

Hey can anyone tell me if I can still upload video for the dead covers project? If so how do you do it as I can't seem to find a link?

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Joined: Jun 22 2007
Brooklyn's Greatest Underground, Psychedelic, Garage Rock Band!!

Ladies and gents presenting Brooklyn's Greatest Underground, Psychedelic, Garage Rock Band-


True purveyors of the big blue muse! Who with their buddy, Hank Woji (NJ ex-pat turned Terlingua desert rat) give you a smoking Sugaree!

Joined: Feb 24 2018
Dead Covers Project

Ambient/Improv version of If I Had The World To Give by The Conversation2.0

Joined: Feb 28 2016
Brown-Eyed Women performed by Ted & Company

Check out my new GD tribute band Ted & Company's first video! I previously submitted a solo video to Dead Covers Project back in 2016 of an early Dead medley on 12-string guitar. Everyone in this video is no older than 21 besides our bassist, Ted Silverman.

Joined: Feb 10 2015
Live from the Crypt!

David Bryan and the Terrapin Chamber Ensemble, featuring:

* Kenny Brooks (Ratdog)
* Zach Nugent (JGB w/ Melvin Seals)
* Waynard Scheller (John Kadlecik Band, Rainbow Full of Sound)
* Joe Gallant (John Kadlecik Band, Illuminati Orchestra)
* Noah Munro Lehrman (Gratefully Yours, Skeleton Keys)

This is from a concert we did in an actual crypt in NYC last June - with cremains interred in the wall behind us!

Full show coming soon. :-)

Joined: Feb 2 2018
Dead Covers Project 2018 Cold Rain and Snow open mic

married me a wife she's been trouble all my life

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Joined: Apr 29 2016
'Ripple' w/ Vasar Clemens

- Catfish John - :)

( I'm not sure how to present a performance besides this message. I not good with computers :)

...Ronnie is my family! :)

Joined: Oct 15 2015
DeadCoversProject2018 - Loser - UJB(UK)

Hi, here's a humble contribution from London, England, to your Dead Covers Project 2018.

Best wishes

Uncle John and Uncle John

Joined: Nov 3 2016
me and my uncle - dead covers project 2018

it’s a pleasure to be a part of this year’s dead covers project

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Joined: Mar 7 2008
Chapman Stick!

Very cool! You don't see a lot of Stick players out there and almost none playing Dead music. Awesome stuff! \m/ (~);}


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