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On Grateful Dead Channel, exclusively on SiriusXM, you'll hear music spanning the entire Grateful Dead experience – including band and solo recordings, both studio and live; unreleased concert recordings; original shows hosted by Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann; interviews with band members, including rare archival interviews with Jerry Garcia; and music from other groups covering the Grateful Dead. The channel also features contributions from Grateful Dead expert David Gans and Dead archivist David Lemieux.

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Tales from the Golden Road

Sundays 4 pm ET
Rebroadcasts Mondays 9 am & Wednesdays 1 am ET
Join in an interactive on-air chat session every Sunday when Dead experts David Gans and Gary Lambert pick a different cool topic from the Dead’s history. Hear exclusive stories, great jams, and special guests -- including the band members themselves! Call in or email us at, or visit our Facebook page.

Grateful Dead Concerts
Daily 12 pm, 9 pm & 3 am ET
The experience of a full Grateful Dead concert, from their earliest shows in the 1960s to concerts by current Dead side projects; from pristinely mastered audio releases to legendary, sought-after audience recordings. Have a specific concert request? Email

Today In Grateful Dead History
Daily 7 am & 7 pm ET
Take in some amazing musical rarities as Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux chronicles the events and plays back the killer jams that happened on this date in Grateful Dead history.David will even dig into the vaults for some nuggets that have rarely, if ever, seen the light of day.

Head Set
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 5 pm ET
Dead Heads take over the channel for an hour to play their favorite live cuts and recount personal stories of following the band.


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Joined: Jun 17 2007
gd channel

this page needs major updating,thank you

Joined: Feb 24 2011
Just Checkin'

I had stopped getting regular emails for quite a while from Dead.Net. It's good to be back to see what else is happening---- I've been religiously following FURTHUR; not physically but getting shows and downloading from emails from Any suggestions on other things that I've been missing-to check out--on the music front to would be greatly welcome.Thanx in advance to all "Heads" and other music lovers."Old and still in the way" but never retired-Dead-Head---cbNeal

Joined: Jul 6 2007

For my dreams being realized and consciously becoming aware of what has allways been there, Songs from the angels of creation, softtly rock my soul!!!

barakos (not verified)
Thnaks David and Gary!!!!

Thnaks David and Gary!!!!

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Joined: Mar 5 2009
??"First Fusion," Bob Weir and the Marin Symphony8 p.m. Oct. 22

As the Grateful Dead song goes, Bob Weir has been playing in the band - one band or another - his entire adult life. But never a band quite like the one he'll be playing in for one night this fall.

Appropriately enough, the singer-guitarist plans to open his unprecedented Oct. 22 performance with the Marin Symphony with a new orchestral arrangement of the Dead's classic "Playing in the Band."

"It's something I've wanted to do since forever," Weir, who's 62, said from his home in Mill Valley. "I've wanted to do something like this since I was in my teens, or even younger."

Billed as "First Fusion," it will be a history-making concert for the symphony, never having shared its stage with a rock musician before. And it's about time. Not
'It s something I've wanted to do since forever,' says musician Bob Weir, about playing with a symphony. (Provided by Susana Millman)
to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, but I've been after them to take on a collaboration like this for years. And now, in these lean economic times, they finally have.

"The folks at the Marin Symphony are in pretty desperate financial shape," Weir said. "They need a big show, but they also need to bring in a new audience. That's a constant concern for symphonies. They want to get fresh ears in there because those people will come back. They do great stuff, but nobody knows about it."

The plan is for the evening to be divided into two parts: In one, Weir and the 41-piece orchestra perform symphonic arrangements of Grateful Dead songs. Other than "Playing in the Band," Weir wants the other tunes getting this treatment to be a surprise.
"We wanted to be kind of ambitious," is all he would say. "We took some of the low-hanging fruit, and we went climbing as well."

He's working closely on the arrangements with Italian composer-arranger Giancarlo Aquilanti, director of the Stanford Wind Ensemble.

"We've been doing a lot of work at my home studio with synthesizers and scoring programs with sound libraries attached," Weir explained. "We talk down the arrangements and then mock them up. Along the way, I have to learn Italian because the spoken language of symphonic music is in Italian. Don't have to learn that much, but it's a fair bit."

The other half of the program will showcase Weir and four or five rock musicians from his bands - Furthur and Ratdog - playing improvisational pieces with the Grammy-nominated chamber group Quartet San Francisco as well as symphony musicians picked for their ability to improvise. The Dead pioneered improvisation in rock, but it's not all that common in classical music.

"Classical musicians often times do not improvise," Weir said. "They're technicians. But what I want to do is get some interaction happening. I want the soloists from the orchestra to be able to take off a little bit, if they can. And we're finding soloists who can improvise and do call and response and that kind of stuff. I've got a couple of instrumentalists I can trade licks with. We're hoping to salt that in there because I have not heard that done before."

Rock musicians collaborating with symphony orchestras has been done before, so this isn't groundbreaking in that sense. Sting is touring with a five-piece rock group and the 45-member Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra, which he calls "the biggest band I've ever had." What Rolling Stone calls his most exciting album in years, "Symphonicities," is a set of orchestral remakes of songs from his solo and Police repertoires.

And let's not forget Metallica's deafening 1999 collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony, which I described at the time as "like playing a Stradivarius with a chain saw."

"I've seen the Metallica-San Francisco Symphony video and learned things from it," Weir said. "I've learned that I don't think the band can play quite as loud as those guys were playing."

Stylistically, rock songs and symphonic pieces aren't as incongruous as you might suspect. Weir and his late partner in the Dead, Jerry Garcia, began as folk/bluegrass musicians, and many of the Dead's songs, particularly the ones written with lyricist Robert Hunter, are essentially electrified contemporary folk music.

"For hundreds of years, a great deal of classical music was flights of fancy that composers took on folk songs," Weir pointed out. "Bach was famous for that. So was Mozart." I would add Dvorak to that list, Copland, many others.

The symphony offered this gig to Weir and his Dead-Furthur bandmate, bassist Phil Lesh, who wasn't up for a daunting project. Whether Lesh will play on the night of the show is up in the air.

"I'm thinking of using two bass players, both of whom play for Ratdog," Weir said, mentioning stand-up bassist Rob Wasserman and electric bassist Robin Sylvester. "Lesh passed on the project early on, so what I'm trying to do is plump it up so that he can't refuse, but I've got some work to do."

After a successful summer tour with Lesh and Furthur, Weir's focus is on "First Fusion," and what the collaboration will do to open doors for future projects like it.

"If this goes well, I'm sure I'm going to have all kinds of offers from the Wolftraps and the pops orchestras back East," he predicted. "That will be fun, and that in turn could turn into more ambitious projects that would come back locally. But, for now, I'm pursuing it one step at a time."


What: "First Fusion," Bob Weir and the Marin Symphony

When: 8 p.m. Oct. 22

Where: Marin Veterans Memorial Auditorium, 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael

Tickets: $50 to $350, on sale Sept. 1

Information: 499-6800; www.marinsymphony.orgOO play on- KEEP LISTENING

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Joined: Aug 14 2010
Robert Hunter shows

Thanks so much for playing some Robert Hunter Concerts on th GD channel. I saw him back in the 80's at My Fathers Place in Rosyln on Long Isand. It was quite a different take on the GD songs, i'm sure they were played the way he originally invisioned them. Thanks again David and Gary.

Joined: Jun 17 2007
what`s new?

there are some changes to the schedule.please update.thank you.

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Joined: Jun 13 2010
1000th Show

David Lemieux, Congratulations on your 1,000th show! I drive OTR and often set my alarm to 6:57 a.m. so as to not miss the show. I complained to Sirius about removal of the 11:00 a.m. airing. I particularly enjoy hearing excerpts from shows I've attended in Buffalo, Rochester, Watkins Glen, and Orchard Park, NY. Keep up the good work and I look forward to Today In Grateful Dead History tomorrow.

Joined: May 3 2010

This is amazing. Now we know exactly when we need to tune in. I love this site because I always find all the information I am looking for!!

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Regards- Denzel Peterson.

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Joined: May 26 2007
web4tina and her post

are deleted. Sorry for the trouble.


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