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Just like your favorite jam, things are going to get a bit funky on over the next week or so. Community accounts will be temporarily closed October 16th-17th and may be under further maintenance through October 22nd. But rest assured, we will be back up and better than ever shortly thereafter. Stay tuned! Thanks!

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On Grateful Dead Channel, exclusively on SiriusXM, you'll hear music spanning the entire Grateful Dead experience – including band and solo recordings, both studio and live; unreleased concert recordings; original shows hosted by Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, Phil Lesh and Bill Kreutzmann; interviews with band members, including rare archival interviews with Jerry Garcia; and music from other groups covering the Grateful Dead. The channel also features contributions from Grateful Dead expert David Gans and Dead archivist David Lemieux.

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Show Schedule:

Tales from the Golden Road

Sundays 4 pm ET
Rebroadcasts Mondays 9 am & Wednesdays 1 am ET
Join in an interactive on-air chat session every Sunday when Dead experts David Gans and Gary Lambert pick a different cool topic from the Dead’s history. Hear exclusive stories, great jams, and special guests -- including the band members themselves! Call in or email us at, or visit our Facebook page.

Grateful Dead Concerts
Daily 12 pm, 9 pm & 3 am ET
The experience of a full Grateful Dead concert, from their earliest shows in the 1960s to concerts by current Dead side projects; from pristinely mastered audio releases to legendary, sought-after audience recordings. Have a specific concert request? Email

Today In Grateful Dead History
Daily 7 am & 7 pm ET
Take in some amazing musical rarities as Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux chronicles the events and plays back the killer jams that happened on this date in Grateful Dead history.David will even dig into the vaults for some nuggets that have rarely, if ever, seen the light of day.

Head Set
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 5 pm ET
Dead Heads take over the channel for an hour to play their favorite live cuts and recount personal stories of following the band.


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stalo67's picture
Joined: Feb 5 2009
Dead concert!!??

I'm a deadhead from Copenhagen, Denmark (Scandinavia). I would really like to go to one of the concerts with the Dead in 2009. Therefore I would like to get in contact with some of you American Deadheads, who could maybe help me get 'sorted out', when I come to the states??

'Let the good times roll'

Joined: Oct 6 2008
Have been tuned in from day one

Just love it can't say anymore than that.

Joined: Jun 27 2007

I have been locked into this channel for a full year and the groove has never let me down. See you all in Greensboro.

Lucab12's picture
Joined: Jun 5 2007
Scarlet->Fire 2/23/78

Obviously, this is not the right date as there is no show that day. It has been played a lot on Sirius and is clearly a 78 show? Where is it actually from?

alpine84's picture
Joined: Jan 4 2009
Love my sirius sat. radio

Keep up the good work.

DarkStarr1971's picture
Joined: Jul 15 2008
Thank You!!

Thanks so much to everyone for bringing us this channel, i listen all i can. the great interviews & shows are always top notch. The concerts are so so nice to tune into daily,, there is something always for everyone,, for the guys like myself who loves the early 70's concerts, and also for the best of the 80's & 90's Dead shows, its always great. I really love the guest Dead Head DJ's,, that must be such a blast to do! I don't know what we would do without this, Thanks guys for bringing us such a great show, 24 hours a day! Just like the Grateful Dead you bring great pleasure to life! Thank You!!

Gr8fulTed's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007
cheers to Donna and her wonderful stage presence

....Listening to a terrific St Stephen on XM: sure would be nice to know the date. (755pm 1/9)

Joined: Jun 8 2007

Don't know what's got you goin R.O.Brad but chill brother.........Such great news (on that the NYE shows to be broadcast via delay on Sirius-XM at 3ET on 1/1.

Joined: Sep 19 2007

You people that are infactuated with Donna need to get a clue or keep going to Trickster shows. No dis to them, but shes played out, she aint and never was that great. When the boyz get together we dont need nastalgia, were looking to jam. and whoever said change rocks wasnt a ggod show must not have been there. except for a few loose moments in between a few songs, who else could have jamed like that-phsycedelic style

Joined: Dec 28 2008
He's Gone on 11/30

There was a fantasic 40+ minute verison of He's Gone (mostly instrumental) that was played on the XM57 channel on 11/30around noon EST. Does anyone know, or can dig up that incredible track. I wanna have it!


P.S: XM57 was a great idea. Hat's off to the Sirius guys who figured that one out!


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