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July 03 - July 09, 2017

Tapers Section By David Lemieux

Welcome back to the Tapers’ Section, where this week we have music from 1972, 1973, and 1980.

Our first selection this week is the big jam from 9/3/72 in Boulder, CO, the Grateful Dead’s first appearance at Folsom Field, where we have He's Gone>Other One>Wharf Rat. This was included as filler at the end of CD 4 of Dick’s Picks Vol. 36, making this the final piece of music ever released in the Dick’s Picks series.

Next is music from Jerry’s birthday on 8/1/73 at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City, NJ, where the big jam featured a very Jerry-centric sequence of Dark Star > El Paso > Eyes Of The World> Morning Dew.

Lastly this week is the end of the second set from 12/26/80 at the Oakland Auditorium Arena, which would later be re-named the Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. From this show, the first night of a five night New Year’s run, we have Not Fade Away > Black Peter > Around And Around > Good Lovin'.

Be sure to join us here next week for more music from the vault, and here’s wishing everyone a safe and sane 4th of July!

David Lemieux
Twitter: @lemieuxdavid


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marye's picture
Joined: May 26 2007

you'd like to visit our Tape Traders thread?

Good place to ask if you're looking for something specific. Otherwise, check the Vineyard for what's circulating:

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Joined: Aug 25 2016
ummm... wha?

I may have mentioned this in an earlier post... I born in '76 missing, of course, the greatest shows The Grateful Dead (wouldn't want to confuse anyone into thinking I could possibly EVER be talking about post Jerry-Grateful Whatever.
My last show was the Rain quartet show at the now destroyed Three Rivers Stadium in Pgh. I was born and grew up there and returned fr. college in Oregon, obv. choice but great little Portland school- to see them. First set Birdsong and the Rain thing saved the show; I tell you true as a judge (pun...?) that Phil hit a note or two after a looooong set break and lightning but no rain until Phil hit a few strings and a f-ing downpour for 3/4 next of which I enjoyed Box of and Looks Like as well.

Point> since when are deadheads not sharing their full shows or any in a legit site online? It seems to me a godsend for especially those of us who missed older live performances or spreading fantastic quality shows that had to be mailed or handed off pre-say 1996. I'm surprised a Deadhead didn't creatte the internet for this purpose alone! Not to mention the upcoming ALL of '78 thing. WTF? I barely want a single set from '78 let alone the whole year and yes the packaging is great, the art INCREDIBLY questionable as always (best was early DP's where the cd's looked like reel to reels, the '60s stuff had a subtle aspect be it lack of paint colors, paper quality or good taste. The Veneta Oregon '72 best Dead show ever is released in a hideous package. I do like audiophile grade Live Dead or American Beauty on vinyl though... sorry to go on. Don't get me started on Phil and Phriends or whatever that is, Bo Weir's folky solo LP is waaaay better than any of that and I'm amazed at that. I guess they want to set up their grandchildren or need new liver's and have to pony up $50 g's to get to the top of the list. I dunno. Poor form on my part in complaining but I'm just really amazed. Shoot, that guy with the Magoo's tape willing to play 1/2 reel or show? That's kind! And he was shat on b/c he wanted to sell those.

Joined: Jan 13 2010
the first two selections are SUPREME!

thank you!!!



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