Grateful Dead

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Seen something really really good?


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Tom Petty in Essen was

Tom Petty in Essen was pretty cool as well

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Best Shows

1)King Crimson in 1982 on the "Pier" in NYC.
2)Weather Report w/ Jaco in 1979 @ the Paramount in Denver CO, in the fall of that year.
3)Roy Buchanan @ the Bottom Line sometime in NYC in early 1979.
4)Pundit Ravi Shankar w/ Ustad Ali Akbar Khan & Ustad Alla Rakha w/ his son Zakir Hussain @ Carnegie Hall In NYC. One can just imagine how beautiful an experience this was...

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THE HIGGS are a jam band from Orange County California.

Shakedown Cover:

Check out there tours, There on the move.

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Awesome Jam shows coming up in NYC

There are so many awesome jam/dancing shows coming up in NYC!

5/2 Deadphish Orchestra playing Dead and Phish tunes aboard the Jewel in NYC THIS FRIDAY with booze, food, city sights and a break from this crappy weather!

5/3 Dopapod with Jimkata and Aqueous at the Music Hall of Williamsburg THIS SATURDAY

5/28 moe. at Stage 48 in NYC

Okay so which one would you rather go to? I think Deadphish is an interesting combo on a BOAT!!

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thanks steelrain

check it out, folks!

(this is the man who sold me my first Macintosh...)

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One more Saturday night

Been looking for a place to post this, hope this is a good spot

One More Saturday Night is a show dedicated to fans of live music. The show has been given permission, by Ice Nine Publishing, for anyone to perform songs from their catalog. We really appreciate this. The show is also a place for folks to come and talk about their experiences on the road, and at concerts by the Grateful Dead. So many of us have had our lives and consciousness changed and improved because we were there. So many of us discovered we were part of a family we didn't know existed until we met our brothers and sisters on the road when we needed them most.

So, One More Saturday Night is a show that celebrates the stories, music and values given to us with the music, from the Grateful Dead. We welcome all musicians and songwriters. Performers on the show may play any original material they hold the rights to as well as any song from the Ice Nine catalog. All stories are welcome too.

If you are not familiar with Google Hangouts or how to use them, I can show you how it is done. All you need is a laptop or computer with a webcam and a decent internet connection. The rest is easy. I can be contacted by leaving a comment on the youtube page where this video is being viewed or at

I hope you will join us this time, One More Saturday Night.

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Close youre eyes and they were there!
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Great Summer Concerts in Maryland

I got to knock two artists off my bucket list this summer: New Order (sans Peter Hook) and "Black" FLAG (feat. Keith & Chuck & Bill & Dez & Stephen). I've been a HUGE fan of New Order since probably sixth or seventh grade when I heard HFS play the original version of "Blue Monday" on the radio. I know just about every song on every album inside-out and could probably sing the band's entire catalogue through their first break-up without batting an eyelash. When they got back together and started recording again in the early 2000s, I was so excited that I might actually get to see them play live. Sadly, they rarely ever come any farther into the U.S. than New York, then they broke up again shortly after the release of 'Waiting for the Sirens' Call', and I thought my hopes of seeing New Order play live were dashed for good. Fortunately, they've reformed and relaunched themselves across the globe, and I finally made an old wish come true. I saw them in July, and they were absolutely amazing; I was floating for days after the show.

Since the Trayvon Martin verdict came out, I've been listening to a lot of '70s & '80s hardcore, mostly bands like Black Flag, OFF!, and Void. Black Flag broke up YEARS before I'd ever heard of them, and, considering the political climate of the last decade-plus, I'm not surprised these old Reagan Era bands are crawling back out of the rafters. I won't get into the legal issues going on between Black Flag and FLAG (the Keith Morris-fronted "cover band"), but seeing FLAG is probably the closest I'll ever get to seeing Black Flag from the late '70s as I'm ever gonna get. They were insane. They blasted through 24 songs in a little over an hour, and I don't think Baltimore has been the same ever since. That was last week.

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Does Further count?

Didn't see a spot for Further. Sorry, if I have erred by putting it here.

That Sunday Further show at Red Rocks with Branford joining in for the whole second set was amazing. The first time I've consistently gone "Holy shit!" at a concert in a long time.

Friday was very good, from our limited experience, Saturday not so hot, but Sunday was a Spinal Tap 11.


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