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Joined: Dec 27 2013
Dutch Deadheads

I live in America but will be studying in the Netherlands from January until May! Looking to meet up with fellow deadheads and catch some shows. Do you have any venue reccomendations? I've heard good things about Paradiso and Melkweg in Amsterdam. I know moe. will be playing in Amsterdam in March, would you be interested in going to that?

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Joined: Aug 27 2008

Any Portuguese Dead Heads?

Anyone know if there is any jam band festival in europe?

Love for all*

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Where are my Swiss friends ?

Hi, I just found this group and am really happy. We have some friends living in Switzerland, we need to find.
Bertold, Hansi, Markus, Marianne.... in Bern and Basel. Does anyone know them, (I don't want to put their last names on here)
are you guys out there? Please get ahold of me in Santa Cruz not Boonville or David in Napa, we all want to see and talk to you.

Our Swiss friends were our hosts for the GD European tour and we couldn't have had a better time. Then Life got in the way and we all lost touch.
Are there any Swiss people in this group who might want to help me find them ?
Thanks for reading this...

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Scottish Deadhead

Just sayin' Hi from Scotland where deadheads are few but do exist. Loved the earlier story about RSD. I also tried to get a copy of the vinyl from the one store in Glasgow that was participating but had no luck. By the time I got back home there were about twenty copies on ebay starting bidwas more than double the price. The event should be re-named Record Scalpers Day! Peace :-)

Joined: Nov 9 2007
The Netherlands ... douze points

Yo, up here!

I live in Wassenaar, The Netherlands, and have been into The Dead for some time now ...

Are all our fellow Dutch fans living under bridges or stones, or what?


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Joined: Oct 9 2007
Dead Heads in Holland

We live in Haarlem, the Netherlands. We know of no other Dead Heads in Holland
Just saw the post of Roland. One ! only one? We know that there must be more Dead Heads in this country.
It would be great to meet and listen to some show together.
Going to a tribute band would be great.
Two weeks ago we went to The Beatles (The Bootleg Beatles to be precise). That was a fantastic show. Great likeliness and very good music. It made me feel happy for quite a while. There were many gray haired or bald original fans but also many of the younger generation who seemed to really enjoy the show and the music.

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
Marleone, You got miracled!

Whatever the reason, you got a miracle. It is your karma, you are kind. Perhaps he thought he was getting a dubious investment or your passion about the Dead got to him. However it went down, it is a good reflection on you! Pass it down the line.

Joined: Apr 4 2013
Hey heads, nice, so if any of

Hey heads,

nice, so if any of you neighbours feels like letting me know whenever there's a tribute band passing by or whenever you feel like hanging out to listen to some music, let me know.

i for myself have just encountered a deadhead on saturday! It was 'record store day', and i heard two copies of 'rare cuts and oddities 1966' would be distributed in Gent (my town). Since i'm a vinyl lover and an early dead fan, i went to the store early in the morning but once there the staff there told me the 2 copies were already gone. I cursed. So fast? But then again, 2 copies aren't exactly a huge stock. A few people in the store laughed at me. Pretty disappointed i bought the other things i came for and walked away. When leaving the store, an older guy stopped me. 'Was it you cursing about the dead?' I said 'yes'. 'Are u a deadhead?' he asked. 'Yes, you too?' 'Uhu, for about forty years already' ... He reached for his bag, pulled out the record :' here, u can have it. Enjoy it son', he smiled, touched my shoulder and walked away. I didnt have time/was too surprised to even thank him properly. This guy, who i never met, just gave me a really rare and expensive record he just bought himself 2 minutes ago. Why? because he liked to give it, guess. Because it's a deadhead thing, maybe. Because he heard me cursing and understood why i cursed.

it was nice, it made my day. May this guy have a happy life.
Thought i'd share it with you guys.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
I know one DH in Brussels

I know one Deadhead in Brussels who plays in the GD triibute band, Deadicace ! They submiited some vids to the Dead covers project this year. PM me for details .


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