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For all the talk about Phil and what his Friends are up to!


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Doobie Decibel System ft. Roger McNamee & Jason Crosby - 9/25

featuring Roger McNamee (Moonalice), Jay Lane (Furthur), Jason Crosby (Phil & Friends), Pete Sears (Moonalice) & Dan Lebowitz (ALO)
Also performing 9/26 Washington, DC @ Gypsy Sally's w/ On The Bus

Friday 9/25 (7:30pm) @ The Cutting Room, NYC

Tickets: $20 GA
Buy ADV 9/25 at :

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Phil at Lockn!!

Phil and Friends tore it up at Lockn... Both the set with Chris Robinson (my latest favorite band) and the set with Carlos Santana (one of my all times favorites) were outstanding.

I only did the couch tour as unable to make the trip... but wow!

Unfortunately trying to catch it LIVE was a disappointment. Tourgigs botched the stream and you couldn't see a single song without it locking up. To their credit they are still showing it through Video On Demand and that method seems to be pretty stable.


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Happy 74th Birthday, Phil

And wishes for many happy returns...

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2004 CD covers

I'm looking for the Phil and Friends CD covers from the free downloads of the 12/ 17,18,19/ 2004 Warfield shows. If anyone knows where I can find them e-mail me at

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Happy 72 to Phil!

Didn't see any happy B-Days to Phil, so I thought I send one. Many good wishes and positive energy to Phil, he's certainly sent so many my way, Karma demands some in return.

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so we do!

I am inquiring, and meanwhile Happy 70th to Phil!

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Phil's B-Day!

U guys usually put a Birthday shout-out on the Landing page for the appropriate band member.... where is Phil's???

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Have a grateful day!

Indeed, Happy #70 Phil. Thanks for your contributions over the last 45 years and especially so since Jerry's passing. I will definitely look forward to your next appearances!

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Happy Birthday Phil

I hope you have a grateful day! We all love you Phil and I'm having a wonderful time going Furthur with you and Bobby (and Jay, Joe, Jeff and the awesome girls singing backup). Thank you!

"I hate to advocate music, science and math to anyone but they've always worked for me." ~ My spin on Hunter S. Thompson (thanks to my fiend Jim)

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John mayer

Sorry for the cross post. Can anyone tell me what show John mayer sat in with Phil and friends?

Please and Thanks!


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Phil and Friends