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Joined: Jun 30 2007
no can do but sho' wanna go

went to riv. maya years ago on vacation...beautiful place even without D&C, but gotta pass

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Joined: Apr 19 2012
@ So Soon After Payday

It seems a shame, but I am best to sit this one out.

Joined: Feb 21 2011

I will pass, 5 days, 4 grand per person? Excluding airfare...from here, for 2 people that's 10 grand....

Best wishes to all with lax work schedules and deep pockets...

Plus consider Montezumas breaker....

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Joined: Jan 18 2015
Got Sand ?

Looks like the game is afoot...

which, for those who are click on link disadvantaged, is Feb 15-18, 2018 four shows in scenic Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Which begs the question, why cant you starve at da beach?...because of all the sand-which-is-there.

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Joined: Jan 2 2009
Happy Birthday to US

Well said, as usual, Geo.

Got the post-tour blues these last couple of days. But still so very grateful for the bond we've formed - and for this music and band.

Two years has gone by SO FAST!! What an amazing time it was - and the last two summers, too!

Thanks, rrrrrGrrrrr for the shares...

Onward for sure! I know our paths are destined to cross again.

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Joined: Jun 9 2014
Onward Sunshine Daydreamers!

Perfectly-said Geomeister! We are everywhere!

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Joined: Jan 18 2015
Once you've seen it... can't un-see it. It's called the light. and it focused on a small patch of green in the Windy City 2 years ago. Two years, seems like only one fifth of a decade, a tenth score; only yesterday.

Sometimes that light is all shining on you, sometimes you can hardly see. Sometimes that light's a bolt, sometimes it's at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes it's a house, sometimes an inquisition. Sometimes it's a bulb that goes off. Sometimes it's just not heavy.

May that light which helped us all get together 2 years ago continue to shine on you, light your path and chase away the darkness.

May it provide warmth when you are cold, and direction when you are lost.

And may it clearly mark the intersection whence our paths cross once again.

Cause i ain't never had so much fun couch touring, jumping on ba dus, enjoying donuts, no duts and snot duds, reminiscing, sharing stories, enjoying Oteil, marveling at Checkers, nodding knowingly at Bobby, dancin' at drums, gasping at Jeff, planning adventures, being surprised and feeling like i belonged to something priceless practically never like this since we first left home. Who are the grateful daydreamers and why do they keep following me/us?

Thanks Daydreamers. Happy Birthday indeed! Love and hugs from the Hills of North Texas and Happy Birthday to all of us, you, your family and the horse, camel, terrapin, pup, cat and/or psychedelic squirrel you rode in on or with.

Joined: Feb 21 2011
It ain't over til it's over....

Heard an interview with Bob from backstage after 7/1/17, he was quite pleased with the tour and proud of the bands maturity. With that said, he does not want this to become stale, Oteil has a gig he's getting ready to embark on, Chimenti is going on tour with Kimock, Bob is going back to the range and play Cowboy for a few months, Lil John is getting his inner rock idol dream fulfilled and Mickey has a new LP and band with a fall tour.

I am sure this Mayer n Sons gig is not over, but we have to be patient and thankful for the musical gifts they have brought us.

Regarding kids, back in the day I took both of my girls to Dead shows, got Scotty on board with Ratdog in 2010 and he and his girl have been in search of the grail ever since. Dead shows are very inclusive and family friendly always have been. Take your boys Tony if you can, the bond that this music brings to us can not be broken.

Have a blessed fourth and may Gob be with us all


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Joined: May 29 2015
@2 years and going strong

Happy Independence Day to all the lovely Daydreamers everywhere! Glad to have met you all at the Pic a Nic a whole two years ago...and what a fine day it was...the sun was shining and the breeze was blowin', smiling faces all around.

I don't think any of us could have imagined that day what a tight band would come out of the remaining crew of Dead members after FTW. I am Grateful Indeed.

Here's to many more years of friendship and fun times with fine tunes...

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Joined: Apr 10 2008
Wow...two years!!!

Amazing how the time does fly, huh?? And actually, it's even longer than that given all the pre-FTW planning, logistics, ticket heartburn and spreadsheets we went through. Spreadsheets? OMG, what was I I could never find the time now to do that over again - seems to be the planets and orbits aligned just right, forming that time vacancy to execute on a plan - and that we did SD'ers!!

I have zero intel to confirm this, but I have a really good gut feeling that D&C are not done. I think the music will continue for at least one more tour - who knows, maybe more. Maybe they'll even play in this little state called FLORIDA one

My only regret, with three consecutive summers of the music, is not taking either of my kids to a show. Many of you have shared the experience with your kids - that is so, so awesome and without question, the #1 item on my bucket-list.

Peace, love and HAPPY 4th to all!!


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