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A lot of the better-known other bands have topics of their own. If you don't see your particular favorite with its own topic, feel free to talk about it here. And hey, if it takes on a life of its own we'll give it a topic!


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weight band!
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Do you guys remember Klaatu? and their album 3:47 EST?

I forgot all about the fiasco until this made the rounds on Facebook - It's a pretty good roundup of how it all went down.

It was the mid-70's and Klaatu released their first album without any mention of who the band members were. It was pretty good, and somehow the rumor started spreading that it was The Beatles under a new name. The record company started encouraging the rumors and it was a huge ordeal. They made a ton of money on that record.

The thing was, they didn't sound anything like The Beatles. They were certainly good, as good as any other prog rock band is good. But the allegations were silly. All of that is besides the point though. The 3:47 EST album is really good. They had some singles after that but I haven't really dug into their discography beyond this album.

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Squirrel Nut Zippers

10 city run doing "Christmas Caravan" album (awesome)
if you go you wont be sorry!


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Let the CRB...

set you freeeeeeeee!!!!

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Robin Trower

coming to a concert hall near you, might want to catch this one if you can, he's 69 this year, but still can shred like it was 1971.

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Elijah Ford

Do you plan to check out Elijah Ford on his upcoming east coast tour this July??? It'd be a whole lot cooler if you did! Haha. You won't be sorry folks, seriously. Enjoy!

Elijah Ford began his solo career after breaking from touring with Oscar & Grammy winner Ryan Bingham. Ford is the son of former Black Crowes' guitar heavyweight Marc Ford, and toured as part of Ford Sr's Fuzz Machine at the age of 17 before getting the gig with Bingham, where he stayed until 2012. Ford put out his first solo record Upon Waking in 2011 and his new EP Ashes in October of 2012. Elijah and his band The Bloom are currently preparing their new full length, recorded at Austin's own Arlyn Studios, for release in 2015.


Jul 22
Bowery Electric
w/ Daniel & The Lion
New York, NY

Jul 23
Atwoods Tavern
w/ OldJack
Cambridge, MA

Jul 25
Evolvement Radio
w/ Michael A. Moore
Newburyport, MA

Jul 30
w/ Josh Olmstead
Philadelphia, PA

Jul 31
World Cafe Live at the Queen
w/ Josh Olmstead
Wilmington, DE


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Ukulelien plays China Cat>I Know You Rider

Ukulele is a real instrument. Leave it to us to explain.

Here's a video from last night at Garcia's:

We also recommend this full live show:

More video here:

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Check out The Higgs there an original jam band from Orange County California.

They tour the west coast alot and are slowly making there way to the east.

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One of the actual leading progressive rock Bands.

I am looking forwarde to see them live next month...

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John K. Band

John Kadlecik from Further and Phil Lesh & Friends is awesome! Lots of different sets when he plays live. Most recent tour he's been playing new songs from an upcoming album! NYC show is at Highline Ballroom on 4/18 - EXCITED!! Anyone else going to that one?!


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