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Post your links to the stuff you make and sell.


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Paintings by me :)

I make a lot of Grateful Dead paintings and it’s affordable usually around $100 depending how long it takes me to make

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Interview curio - Vinyl for sale

Hi, not sure where to put this, but I thought someone might be interested in this record I'm selling...


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How do you do?

"Mama mama many worlds I've come since I first left home"
My name is Eric I got on the bus in the late 80's and made about 30+ shows between '85-'92.
I'm an east coast head, mostly been on the west coast since mid to late 90's. In better times ive played and sang Grateful Dead songs. It was a secret ambition to play with Jerry and the band someday but life presents other things sometimes, pushes and pulls one in different directions (when youre following the muse.
other trips I just mention this to give a little background. As an "experienced tripper" I say, word to Cassady, Garcia, Kesey, Lesh, Mountain girl, Thompson, Das, and all the rest, you know who you are. Respect. Bow.
We'll all be Buddhas someday.

Eric's in a little trouble, outside on the west coast, with a hernia to boot.

I set up a gofundme campaign to possibly ease a serious struggle back;

"Fare you well, my honey, Fare you well my only true one. ..."If I knew the way, I would take you home."

"Thank you for a real good time"


Remember, "don't eat the brown acid"'s bunk.

Thanks very much
I hope to post again in better days. Thanks so much!

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Disc golf, landscapes and travels images.

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Grateful Dead Christmas Cards & Ornaments

Grateful Dead Christmas Cards From Sunshine Daydream

Grateful Dead Christmas Cards - You won't find these at your local Hallmark shop. Sunshine Daydream Hippie Record Shop has several different designs in stock. Show your loved ones just how much of a deadhead you really are! Check our website at . We also have Grateful Dead Ornaments in stock!

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Come check it out

Just getting started with this but come check out my dyes look us up on facebook Riverstone Dyes
Thanks for looking

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It sold this past summer.....:)

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Blue Spoon Farm and B&B

I am fully indoctrinated and immersed in the sharing economy. I am a librarian by day and a farmer by night. I rent rooms in my home. I long for the house share situation that I had in college when a group of like minded individuals would come home after work, throw a few things in a bag, hop in a car, and be on the road for a few days going to the show. I lived for the next show then. Now I just stream it will completing forms and filing paperwork.

I sell livestock and meat

Come visit the Finger Lakes region, stay at the farm


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Backstage passes from mid 80's to mid 90's

I'm selling Backstage Passes that date from March of 1986 to Summer of 1995. I do believe they all belonged to one person or family because they all have the same last name except for the last year one changed... maybe got married?
There are 60 cards and stickers in the bunch. 10 of which are encased in plastic sleeves. The encased cards have the names on them and 4 specifically say 'Employee'. The earliest of which is hand written from December of the year 1985 and has a name and also says 'Audio Broadcast Crew'.
I'm asking $1600.00 for group. I have pictures to share if anyone is interested. You can PM me or use my email.

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Letting go of some things.........

Afternoon, rockers!!!!

I'm letting go of some of my official Dead recordings, up to and including my FW69 Box Set, including my Dicks Picks, Daves Picks, RT, box sets etc. Only thing I'm determined to hold on to right now is my E72 trunk (although I might let it go for the right price). Most are gently used--in fact, a lot were played only once, when I burned them in to my computer. Looking to invest in some new guitar equipment, trying to raise funds.....

This is not a "fire sale", nor am I looking for crazy eBay prices either.....

Anybody interested, please PM me, and include your e-mail, so we can discuss.

Rock on!!!



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