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Post your links to the stuff you make and sell.


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Bertha Pineapple 13 Point Bolt Enamel Pin

Check out my new enamel pin my company just produced! Perfect for deadheads.
Anyone interested in wholesale contact me!

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100 Dead songs print

Just joined the site but a huge music fan and dabble in drawing. I have a bunch of cool 100 songs prints you might have seen floating around facebook. Just put them all on etsy if anyone is interested in buying any!
Panic, phish, dead, SCI, floyd, pearl jam, DMB and a Buffet one. Check them out! Thanks!!

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Grateful Dead Robes Are The Perfect Gift!!!

Just in time for the holidays, Sunshine Daydream has 2 officially licensed Grateful Dead Robes for sale. Dancing Bears or Stealies, whichever you prefer!

Grateful Dead Bathrobe From Sunshine Daydream

Available now on our website:

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Hi there

I have approx 60 bootleg CD's, a number of vinyl and a few books from my Dads Grateful Dead Collection. Im afraid the big ones like boxsets/picks/limited edition ones etc. have already been sold - but I am not a fan myself to there might be something in the remaining CD's that might be of interest. Feel free to email me and I will send you the list of CD's - rather than filling up this forum. I have yet to list the vinyl but perhaps there is something in particular you might be after?
Many thanks

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or hey

the US Mail!

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You can post about them here

but we're not set up to process sales, so you need to have transactions somewhere like eBay or PayPal.

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Paintings by me :)

I make a lot of Grateful Dead paintings and can do anybody by request! Family, friends, self portrait, any famous person- I don’t make prints so each is one of a kind

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Interview curio - Vinyl for sale

Hi, not sure where to put this, but I thought someone might be interested in this record I'm selling...


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How do you do?

"Mama mama many worlds I've come since I first left home"
My name is Eric I got on the bus in the late 80's and made about 30+ shows between '85-'92.
I'm an east coast head, mostly been on the west coast since mid to late 90's. In better times ive played and sang Grateful Dead songs. It was a secret ambition to play with Jerry and the band someday but life presents other things sometimes, pushes and pulls one in different directions (when youre following the muse.
other trips I just mention this to give a little background. As an "experienced tripper" I say, word to Cassady, Garcia, Kesey, Lesh, Mountain girl, Thompson, Das, and all the rest, you know who you are. Respect. Bow.
We'll all be Buddhas someday.

Eric's in a little trouble, outside on the west coast, with a hernia to boot.

I set up a gofundme campaign to possibly ease a serious struggle back;

"Fare you well, my honey, Fare you well my only true one. ..."If I knew the way, I would take you home."

"Thank you for a real good time"


Remember, "don't eat the brown acid"'s bunk.

Thanks very much
I hope to post again in better days. Thanks so much!


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