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Anthropology, Psychology, Albert Hofmann, Science, Music, Art, Dance, Hip Culture, Health Foods, Photos, Nature, Peace, Love. ARCHURE is my registered trademark listed at I got a trademark upon the recomendations by members of the Dead and Van Halen (used to see the Dead around when I was in CA) and used to jam with Alex (and Eddie too, he let me play his guitar, it's the best). ARCHURE = 11, Will Chris Holley =11
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ARCHURE Will Chris Holley


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MP3's by me, I play all tracks:
Rock 4MB
Meditation Mn0Ar
Without End
Sinceiwas9 c. 1971 by me
Midnight Song
Moon Neptune Grand Trine
El Camino Real
RockNRoll is Cool
all rights reserved

all tracks on all of these entirely by one man army of peace ARCHURE TM aka Will Chris Holley AA Fine Arts Music, Hon Soc, straight, dates women, formerly from Hollywood, Mendocino, Marin, now Vegas
I grew up in Hollywood in a show biz family, my grandfather Ted Vash.... was a Best Boy Electric at Paramount/Desilu studios (household visitors: Herbie Mann, Willie Nelson, EmmyLou Harris, Johnny Carson, the Reagans, Peter Lorre, Amanda Blake, Jack Lemon, and my mom Lyda knew Ed Cassidy drummer from Spirit) till 1964 when Ted and Mimi retired to Mendocino village by the sea, they sent to to a Quaker school The Farm in Gualala where I met Joan Baez and Bob Dylan and learnt Hillbilly Music, then met Phil Lesh at the Teen Fair 1966? 67? in Hollywood at the Palladium jammin with him at the Acoustic Amp booth (Cream was playing in a tent nearby, and Jim Morrison inside), and I used to see some of the Dead around Mendocino in the 60's and Marin in the 70's, lived behind the firehouse, up on the hill, near the college, then above Mac Photo shop in San Anselmo, I was a COM music major, xfered units to Saddleback College Mission Viejo (Guna Dude) for my A.A. in Fine Arts Music. And I saw a Ghost of Jerry Garcia in a Lucky Store in San Clemente, just after he died, with a blond surfer hairdo

Was in The Boogaloo Walk Band with Steve Nelson, and back in 1968

And was in "Raven" in Marin in the 70s with Lista Brown, Larry Wiener, and Russel Connor (programmer/bassist)

DEAD SHOWS: I have been to more than one, I just cant remember where and when on some, and recently July 3 2008 saw Rat Dog and Government Mule at The Joint at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas.
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You take care of your brothers and your sisters, but you take care of your self. (quote: Geo Lyons radio DJ)

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