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Skiing, All music, the outdoors, hiking, swimming, good people, love, peace, The earth, Gardening, swimming .
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Christopher Kelleher


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Love ,family,friends . I love good people , I love music ,I love the world (the outdoors), I loved the squaw valley music festival August 1990 Jerrys Christmas show at the warfield 1991, Saratoga NY summer 1983,84 ? So many roads ! First. Show 5/11/81 last show 12/13/92 ! Wow it seamed a lot longer than 11years, but what a ride I wish I was there in1966 ,7,8,9,1970,71,72,73,74, 76,77,,78,79,80,81 ,93,94,95 I don't how I got this urge,,9months ago. But I'm back ,I wish I saw one of the 50 year anniversary shows, but since then I’ve seen Phil and Friends in Portchester and Coney Island , and Dead and Company I am so happy I’ve seen the shows I’ve have , I’m so happy to catch Jerrys eye at times and get a smile ,but when Jerry smiled at you , it made you month !

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i'm happy with what I have, but I guess I would love a good SBD of5/11/81 ,12/13/92 I just want to know if it was me or the roses ,or the band or a convergence of everything that happened that day . God I wish someone from the dead family would release a box set from the 1980s Radio City /Warfield shows what they did with Reckoning was fantastic I would love to hear all the shows i.e. The complete music music series Europe 72 which is a must for every Dead Head! Love to all my sisters and brothers .
PS I know it's hard but, Keep the Vibe Alive ! Thank You to the Family and fans


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