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Music (Dead Al Gerth Ted Fry Root Hog Warren Haynes Mountain Cooper Young Hendrix Wilco Dylan Wood Stove Flapjacks Zappa Zevon Allmans Wonder Brown Davis Joplin Stravinsky Radiohead Blindmellon Osborne Coltrain Beatles Santana King Petty Fogerty NRPS Belew Fripp Phillips McGuire Doors Local Live Music pretty much all good music but mostly jam rock) Night Sky Hiking Sports Art Literature Food BBQ lo and slow Family Patricia Vince Matt Deborah Juli and Barrett and Beau the Dogs


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love cooking and eating good food enjoy the outdoors especially the Great Lakes night sky

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592,000 to retire, a cure for Parkinsons, war, violence, addiction, evil, and poverty but only Christ can do that eh?


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