Grateful Dead

The Flood

Lyrics By: Unknown
Music By: Unknown

Come listen good people wherever you are
And hear a sad story you've been waiting for
About the flood of '57 as it happened to me
In Kentucky, old Virginia and East Tennessee

How the rains came down, and we often had seen
To swim a broad river or some little stream
But this was different and we soon realised
That the floods were raging and we fought for our lives

Men were afraid as never before
As the high muddy water came in through their door
Some were left homeless, their life savings gone
But their lives had been spared and the cold rains came on

Little babies were crying and others were sad
For in all our lives we'd seen nothing so bad
But the brave and the strong were there by the score
To help the sick and needy to safety on the shore

According to Deadbase, this was played once, on 18 April 1970, in a show billed as Mickey and the Hartbeats and Bobby Ace and the Cards from the Bottom of the Deck. No tapes of this circulate, and the title could be an invented one.

The most likely candidate for what this song was seems to be the Stanley Brothers song called either "The Flood" or "The Flood of '57". It was recently recorded on an "Old And In The Gray" album. But that is pure speculation (there is, for example, also a Muddy Waters song titled "The Flood").

This is how the lyrics to the Stanley Brothers song goes.

The Flood