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The Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition (2-CD set)

2017 marks the 50th anniversary of the Grateful Dead's eponymous debut studio album. What better way to celebrate than with a special album reissue series that will include two-disc deluxe editions and limited edition vinyl picture disc versions of all the group’s studio and live albums! These two-disc deluxe editions will include the original album with newly remastered sound, plus a bonus disc of unreleased recordings.

THE GRATEFUL DEAD: 50th ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION contains the original album — newly remastered from the original tapes by David Glasser, and restored by Plangent Processes — along with a bonus disc that features the complete unreleased concert from July 29th, 1966 and select cuts from July 30th, 1966 at the P.N.E. Garden Auditorium in British Columbia, mastered by Jeffrey Norman. Only a few recordings from the Dead’s first two years exist, but each one reveals corners of the band’s repertoire not captured anywhere else. That’s especially true here, with three songs making their last appearance on any surviving Dead recording: “Standing On The Corner,” “You Don’t Have To Ask Me,” and “Cardboard Cowboy.”

SHIPS 1/20/2017


Disc 1
1. "The Golden Road (To Unlimited Devotion)" [2:12]
2. "Beat It On Down The Line" [2:33]
3. "Good Morning Little School Girl" [5:50]
4. "Cold Rain & Snow" [2:31]
5. "Sitting On Top Of The World" [2:08]
6. "Cream Puff War" [2:31]
7. "Morning Dew" [5:09]
8. "New, New Minglewood Blues" [2:37]
9. "Viola Lee Blues" [10:16]
Disc 2: P.N.E. Garden Auditorium, Vancouver, BC, Canada
1. “Standing On The Corner” [3:23]
2. “I Know You Rider” [3:14]
3. “Next Time You See Me” [3:37]
4. “Sitting On Top of The World” [3:47]
5. “You Don’t Have To Ask” [5:14]
6. “Big Boss Man” [4:16]
7. “Stealin’” [3:37]
8. “Cardboard Cowboy” [2:56]
9. “It's All Over Now, Baby Blue” [5:23]
10. “Cream Puff War” [7:52]
11. “Viola Lee Blues” [10:03]
12. “Beat It On Down The Line” [2:47]
13. “Good Morning Little Schoolgirl” [5:47]
1. “Cold, Rain and Snow” [3:14]
2. “One Kind Favor” [4:23]
3. “Hey Little One” [5:39]
4. “New, New Minglewood Blues” [3:23]

A Look Inside: The Grateful Dead: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Listening Party

“Standing On The Corner”
“Good Mornin’ Little School Girl”
“Cream Puff War”

Getting To Know Audio Engineer David Glasser

It's time for a little tech talk with David Glasser of Airshow Mastering. We will trace his deep history of working with the Grateful Dead up to today's release, find out why a Boston Music Hall gig from winter '71 might be his favorite, and get to the bottom of just what the heck Plangent Processes is/does.


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Joined: Apr 14 2018
So...its that time of year...why the mystery?

March 2017 the kick off of the Anniversary Series, and it was pretty depressing to hear at the time that the releases were not going to be spaced a few a year, but is Anthem coming out?
Outlined Rhino's grand plan and one would have thought there would be an announcement of some kind by now.
Also around this time is the announcement for the year's big box so we can all get annoyed on how we can bot get our orders through on the first day or two.
How about simply acknowledging these are happening, even if one can't get into to many details.
Its kinnda like working somewhere were management does not let you know someone gave notice to quit until that person's last day. Bad for morale. And in this world, at this time, we all could use a little sunshine.
What gives?

And by the way...speed up the releases for the 50th Anniversary series (if it is going to continue).

John Bonham's picture
Joined: Oct 5 2014
Anthem bonus disc

Either one of the Jan '68 Seattle shows, or 8-21-68 Fillmore West

bjorn cross-eyed's picture
Joined: Jul 14 2017

I haven't heard that about the Elevators influencing the Dead. I don't think its true.

There's an interview out there from 66 where Garcia mentions them as a band that sounds like the GD, he gets their name wrong though.

Garcia wasn't shy about naming his influences, and knew a lot about many other local bands (in the same interview IIRC they inform the DJ that a certain band is no longer together.)

It's at the Grateful Dead sources blog if you want to check it out - they are organized by year.

dobrodoom777's picture
Joined: Nov 22 2017
What? Elevators cover!!!?

Can you pm me or let me know where to score this. I have heard that when the Elevators reached California that the Dead really dug them and that's when they started to improvise more. Not saying it's true, just something I read.
But now I find out that they cover an Elevators tune???! This has me foaming at the mouth to hear it.
Anu help would be gratefully appreciated!

dobrodoom777's picture
Joined: Nov 22 2017
I think that it could/should have been a 3 disc set

I love the release, don't get me wrong.
However like others have stated, the Mono mix would have fit onto the first disc,easy peasy.
As for a second disc, I think it would have been nice to get the bonus tracks from the reissue from awhile back. Then I believe they could have filled the rest with other out-takes, maybe the other track from the Fire In The City single, and I'm going to guess there are enough demos and whatnot to fill the rest of my "dreamer version"
Then the 3rd disc I have zero complaints about!
Just my 2¢

dobrodoom777's picture
Joined: Nov 22 2017
Psychedelic 13th Floor Elevators

I am a big fan of the Elevators too! So thankful that I got to see Roky Erickson a fee months back in Asheville NC. He sat down but hot-diggity-damn he played and sang his SOUL out. Very thankful I finally got to see that Legend. If anyone gets the chance, do not hesitate!!!!
Peace, E-Dub

birdman's picture
Joined: Jul 21 2007
A Must Have

I have many versions now of this - but it's a must have. Why? It was this Viola Lee Blues that turned me on to the Dead. I'm curios to see if this remastering fixed some of the known issues with the original, like it being too fast. I love the early Dead so the 66 show is a sweet bonus.

Joined: Jun 20 2007
Byrds Baby Blue

There's a great studio version of Baby Blue on the expanded CD version of 'Never Before', if you can still find it.

Joined: Jun 20 2007
Vintage & Historic

Vintage is great all the way through, sound quality-wise. Half of Historic is good quality too, but half is pretty much unreleasable. I'd settle for Vintage plus the two good quality songs from Historic as a release. That version of Baby Blue remains my favorite version ever.

Joined: Jun 20 2007
Anthem live disc

A lot of material from Seattle '68 came with the Road Trips Carousel '68 set, so it would be great if Portland was the second disc with Anthem. Eureka or Ashland would be good too, if there is enough material to fill the second disc. I'd love to hear Clementine too. Great song, not played nearly enough at the time. I'm sure they had something specific in mind for those early years when they announced the 50th anniversary re-master project. It'd be a little embarrassing to have to say "Oh shit...we got nothin'."

Joined: Jul 22 2007
vintage dead

by the way, someone should do a killer remaster on that great nugget. it is one excellent live example of how great the dead could be in the moment. i played mine to death as well and now have it digitally along with it's companion, historic dead. justice would be served with a great remaster of each.

Joined: Jul 22 2007

it should be released yesterday. a live show or two from the source concerts in portland and seattle would be the perfect second disc(s).

Joined: Jun 20 2007
First Album Re-master

Not sure why the mono mix wasn't included, the stereo and mono mixes would have fit on one disc with about five minutes to spare. I bought the mono mix on vinyl a couple years ago on Record Store Day, and am now even MORE glad I did. Always glad to get more live '66 stuff, especially a complete show. Not sure the complete set from the 30th exists, I think they gave us all they had. It's 'too', by the way. 'Too'. 'TOO'!

Joined: Nov 26 2010
1st LP acetate for sale

Online auction.

It's not mine, just thought folks would like to see about it.

Joined: Nov 27 2016
dead first 2 cd

hi all, my two questions reguarding this release is why the mono mix was not included on cd and also why the the 7 /30/66 show has only 4 songs instead of the complete set.. a big oppurtunity was missed here by not including them. the pitch for the first album has always been to fast. for this release it has been corrected. the earlier issue as as birth of the dead has the wrong pitch to. put the mono lp onto a cassette and playback at 11.o clock youll see what i mean. whats really lacking also is a nice photo booklet from those early days .

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
mono vinyl

I bought the mono vinyl lp on RS Day a few years ago. The songs had great punch. Phil's bass and the drums are very prominent. The one problem I heard was that the treble was so high that the cymbals and tambourine were grating, especially on BIODTL. I don't know if a mono remastering could take care of this without affecting the whole recording.

Joined: May 10 2016
Worthless with no MONO mix

In the days of The Beatles, Stones, Cream, Davis, Dylan Coltrane, Ray Charles and even the first Doors album getting released in mono its a huge disappointment this album didn't. The drums hard panned are hardly audible and the music has very weird and unnatural separation. BOOOO

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
Anthem of the Sun

So when should the remastered Anthem of the Sun album be released? And what do you want to see on the bonus cd?

Joined: Feb 12 2017

Very nice :o

libertycaps97211's picture
Joined: Jan 23 2016
“Standing On The Corner”

Possibly inspired by The Seeds and/or The Standells?

phantomengineer's picture
Joined: Jun 24 2007
If the next one is as good as this...

...then we'll be laughing. Great sound, interesting archival show(s), nice packaging (loved the 'psych' slip case), interesting booklet. What's not to like? A mono mix, which could have been fitted on the first CD, but..

So a nice '67 or '68 show for the next one???

Joined: Jul 22 2007
the remaster and the concert trump your ridiculous whine

need i say more?

Joined: Jul 22 2007
new stuff

yeah, i'm hoping the next release has a boatload of new stuff on it too. jerry is playin' real good lately according to my latest phone call with pigpen. these guys just keep crankin'. gotta love the dead dead!

outpost's picture
Joined: Jun 11 2007
Damaged by UK Customs

Picked up my copy today from the Delivery Office, and duly paid my Customs Duty. Opened the package to find the slipcase has a score across the corner .... found that the package had a corresponding cut across it, covered up by a Customs sticker, obviously created by a knife-wielding customs officer !
Luckily it's only one side, so the other is OK, and the inner packaging is fine, and the discs are perfect.
I've duly sent a complaint email to the UK Border Force, so we'll see what happens.

Joined: Nov 3 2013
not exactly perfect.......

Looks like any future orders from me will not be through Fulfillment just can't get it right. I ordered the 50th deluxe and DaP21 - Only received DaP21. Of course the packing list shows both items - this ain't rocket science. OK so maybe in the rush and excitement of the DaP 21 drop things fell apart a little but even so.....

Joined: Aug 8 2014
Not Disappointed!

Really enjoying this. Fun stuff on Disc 2.

libertycaps97211's picture
Joined: Jan 23 2016
Bonus live CD worth the price alone!

What a revelation. All the basic elements that made the good old Grateful Dead world beaters are here. It's a Phil Zone show too. Bass Great. Lesh Philling! How in the hell does a show from primal 1966 sound so in the room transparent?!? God bless techno wizardry.

evgraham's picture
Joined: Jan 19 2011
Thank you

What an incredible gift Disc 2 is. Truly amazing. Thanks for putting this (and everything else) out there for us!

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Great job re-mastering!

I strongly encourage my fellow deadheads to check this one out. The first album has always been one of my favorites, but the sound quality was rather flat and one-dimensional. That all changes with this version. I don't mean to sound cliche-ish, but it really was like listening to it for the first time. The clarity, note separation, and overall vibe are outstanding. And the bonus disc sounds great too. Thanks a lot!

gd1294's picture
Joined: Nov 11 2007
Grateful dead 50th deluxe cd set

Live show is so great I wish their where more show like this released. It would have been cool to get the bonus tracks included before. Also high heeled sneakers. I hope with 50th series they continue with studio and live show. I bought mine from another site because I received gift as a present. I tried to pull out the live disc and it broke in half heart attack almost happened. I was able to return it at the store credited me shipping as well. Yahoo

kevjones's picture
Joined: Apr 28 2009
Grateful Dead

Got the release this weekend. Haven't listened to the first disc, some folks are right though they should have included the MONO mix. Most bands through about 1968 mixed in MONO due to stereo being a novelty and very expensive at the time; the stereo recordings are not always the true representation of the bands vision. Anyway, I need to check it out. I did listen to a bit of the live stuff, it sounds AMAZING especially for a 50 year old field recording, but the stereo separation is driving me crazy. I had to turn it off, maybe it's my old ears but the vocals are all in the left channel and the instruments are in the right channel. Anyway, the setlist is amazing, and I'll listen eventually. Still a good release

Mr.Dc's picture
Joined: Apr 7 2014
Baby blue

I always have really enjoyed this tune, and I was really happy when I heard a Grateful Dead version for the first time. It was from that unofficial live in 66 vinyl, withe the 3 blue skulls on the cover. I also enjoy the 13th Floor Elevators cover as well.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Foil print outer sleeve slipcase

Mine didn't come with one as shown in the reveal. I wish it did. Marye, can they send me one for my copy?

Joined: Nov 14 2015
Everything In The Right Place

Lovely job on the remastering. Reminds me of The Beatles 2009 re-issues, everything in it's right place and a really warm sound.

thelocalgardener's picture
Joined: Jan 4 2012
got mine!

My copy arrived today(way up here in Canada) along with the picture disc. My kid asked "What is THAT?!"
No fraud on the credit card this time either.



snugwuffle's picture
Joined: Nov 9 2015
It's All Over Now Baby Blue

I wanted to add that I always love hearing the Dead perform that song. Sometimes they'd mess up their cues but this one is done well.

Of all the band versions of Baby Blue, I think theirs was the best. I wish they had done a proper studio single.

In most performances, the only defect is a couple of lines that are too low pitched for Garcia to sing; it might have worked very nicely if Weir had chimed in on those lines with a strong baritone.

It was originally an acoustic song, and must've been difficult to adapt to a full band arrangement. The Byrds, who usually did well with Dylan material, couldn't come up with a good enough version to release.

snugwuffle's picture
Joined: Nov 9 2015
A few grounds for complaint

I was puzzled that the extended guitar solo ending from Cream Puff on the Rhino remix wasn't repeated here, nor any bonus tracks either.

On the positive side, while I haven't done an A/B comparison on the sound, I always judge by whether Phil's bass is clearly audible. It seems to be very good here.

Apparently I got the psych sleeve, if that's the outer box with the Kelly/Mouse collage and stickers. never answered our queries about that, but I saw one for sale in a record store with no outer box.

I wish was more responsive to questions from fans and followers. If you read that "Everything I Know About Business I Learned From The Grateful Dead" book, being responsive to their fans was one of the secrets of their success. Unfortunately, those running the Dead business now don't seem to give a rat's ass about communicating with their followers. It's pretty much a "we don't care, we don't have to" and a "take it or leave it" attitude, from what I can tell.

Would it really be so hard to give us more information and answer questions once in a while?

Let me end on a positive note: the live set is wonderful, tho Garcia's guitar is barely audible here and there. What I loved so much about the early Dead is their imaginative arrangements, and the way Phil was the driving force, with his aggressive and confident bass playing. He's my favorite musician of all time, unless it's Casady.

Mr.Dc's picture
Joined: Apr 7 2014

Well the two versions have slightly different lyrics, I assume Bobby changed them himself as they arent too different. Also the second version's arrangement is even more removed from how the original was/is played. But yeah most I've seen say "Traditional, Arrangement by the Grateful Dead".

I enjoy the Jim Kweskin Jug Band's version alot as well.

Joined: Oct 26 2010
Lost Package

I bought Two of these on The 17th.Nov 2016 USPS says were delivered but never in My mail box.What do I do now??? Mary E can you help me ??

Joined: Sep 21 2011
Your answer is total BS. It

Your answer is total BS.

It had rightly been attributed as a traditional, arranged by the Grateful Dead (original album & Shakedown) or to Noah Lewis (Deadbase, 30 Trips Scroll, Complete & Annotated GD Lyrics book). It is correctly absent from the GD Anthology I & II books that collected all the GD original tunes.

The first instance I see claiming it as an original is the 30 Trips '66 show & the 50th Anniversary release. It is one of many mistakes in the liner notes of 30 Trips (no credit to Matt Kelly on '75, Eleven Jam when the lyrics are sung '69, + others). Furthermore, it was recorded in by the Cannon Jug Stompers in 1928 & Lewis' group in 1930.

Throwing another New or the word All to the title doesn't change that fact. Or the fact that all the prior attributions were correct & the last two are not.

In the age of Trump, facts & truth ARE important. Fact, Minglewood is NOT a GD original. They should get it right. It is a lie & diminishes the folks who ACTUALLY wrote it.

Joined: Apr 28 2012
50 year old recording

Gotta say, the sound on the live disc is incredible. We have come a long way from the Vintage Dead LP that I played to death.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
Sound quality

Just listened to the Glasser interview, which was worthwhile. And oh boy, listening to this sample on headphones I must say this is the best-sounding '66 Dead yet. Nice job Airshow folks.

mp51's picture
Joined: Sep 19 2007
mono vs stereo

it would have been cool if disc 1 was the stereo AND the mono mix. disc 2 the live show....

Joined: Sep 3 2010
Song times etc.

Some of the song times seem shorter than in the previous (expanded) release: e.g. Cream Puff War - 2.31 in this release, 3.21 in previous release. Also a shame that the bonus tracks from the previous release are now missing. Good to get the live disc though.

icecrmcnkd's picture
Joined: Oct 20 2015
New, New Minglewood Blues

I think they added a 'New' to the title and called it a new song.

Joined: Sep 21 2011
Got mine

From Amazon after Warner incorrectly cancelled my order. Thanks.

Sounds good. Wish there was new stuff on it. Still, has each song from the original on it save Morning Dew.

PS: I don't know who at Rhino thinks Minglewood is an original song, but they are wrong & someone who knows what they are doing needs to do the liner notes from here on in. 30 Trips had the same error (among others).

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Spinning 7/29/66 now on CD

Sounds great. Can hear Phil and Jerry and Pigpen loud and clear. (This was before Tom, right?) I don't think Bob contributed too much in the early days :)

Got mine from Amazon and it has the same "psychedelic sleeve" shown in the unboxing video above.

Joined: Jun 20 2007
Mono Mix

I thought the same thing, there's plenty of space. I bought the RSD mono mix on vinyl a couple years ago and it's a little easier to listen to since the stereo mix isn't really 'stereo', vocals, guitars, keys and drums are either hard left or hard right and it's a little jarring. The mono mixes of the first two Jefferson Airplane albums are better than the stereo versions as well.

Vguy72's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
Shipping notice received....

....and I'm ready for some surf guitar Dead....

David Duryea's picture
Joined: Sep 28 2009
river in brazil

I always try to avoid piranhas. Check out Bullmoose. Spend over $30 and get free domestic shipping. And $11.98 with no tax is hard to beat.

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