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purpleerik69's picture
Joined: May 24 2015
Hi ya all, this is Erik from

Hi ya all,
this is Erik from Austria. One of some Heads here in Austria - since the year of
1981 when i first hear Live/Dead. Unfortunately never made it to a show - so far
the boya never made it to my country too. But i`m on the 30 trips - really lookin
out to the July shows - great site here
Keep Truckin

LongLiveHendrix's picture
Joined: Nov 27 2013
The Last Concerts of GD

If in fact these will be the last shows of the GD I appeal to any Deadhead with influence...

1) There should be a fine & powerful & lengthy version of Terrapin Station backed up by genuine black gospel choir. That would be absolutely ethereal.

2) There should a good long version of Dark Star where there ought be several lead guitarists. I suggest inviting a whole host of musicians such as Steve Hillage, Al DiMeola, Santana,etc. There are are so many folks who have loved the GD that some talented folks will show up & do a monumental job.

Joined: Dec 3 2014
I thought that Tiger Lili

I thought that Tiger Lili shows up only in World of Warcraft

stash's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007
STASH tonight!

STASH radio show in Hamburg/Germany tonight 10-12 PM CET with moe., Twiddle, Grateful Dead, Furthur, The Road To Jajouka, Ornette Coleman & Jerry Garcia, and Phish.

Tuesday - 11 November 2014 - 10-12 PM CET - Radio FSK:
93,0 MHz antenna - 101,4 MHz cable (Hamburg and vicinity) (everywhere in the world)
Or a bit later on (mp3 download)

Check it out, awesome music!

stash's picture
Joined: Jun 29 2007

Yeah, that's right. They seem not to be around for a while. Here some shots:
Stephane Missri plays together with Barry Melton sometimes and formed a project called Jamasutra.
Ciao, Frank

tommygutt's picture
Joined: Jul 9 2007

Werent they a frech band seam to remember a few paris sightings

Joined: Jan 22 2011
Death Without Mercy.

If I did not misunderstand the question.I missed the Hollywood Festival in England,Europe.Hereafter,though I was born in Madrid in 1950,and,was self-exiled in England from 1968.Wouldn't missed much of what was 'history in the making' from such countercultural scope as was felt being mind-altered and shared like.It was only three of us whom fully loaded with Bear's acid travelled to Wembley (April 7,72).Next day,did hitch-hike alone.Don't know anybody else that did from Bath that we knew that had.Already knew about Bickershaw Festival being mind-blowing getting together,if one Festival was getting weird enough to be regarded 'underground',that one seemed remote and strange as it could be,but,had to hitch-hike even more alone than ever to it,plus some severe rain falling weather,right from the start!
Before that it was rumoured that the Dead had their instruments at the Glastonbury Fayre in 1971,though it didn't happen,but soon after the rendering of 'Dark Star' at Wembley was published on one side in the tripled L.P. album that would compensate losses from the free festival.Was at all the Lyceum gigs and shared some laughing gas with the road crew and sadly saw last Pig Pen R.I.P.
Next was all at the huge Alexandra Palace,did some taping.There was no problem in smuggling a gigantic tape recorder under my poncho.Lesh played some amazing atmospheric soloing which needs some inspection...1974.
Next was all of the Rainbow shows in March and October 1981,here the bass frequencies found no walls strong to concealed its expansion any longer.Bears "steal your face' banner was first flashed open...
I am at the moment playing the full show from Rockpalace from 1981,which overall sound much better from my cassette in the car,as did record with a Bang Olffensen hi-fi from live Capital Radio at Notting Hill Gate than any other source .Few doors from where Hendrix was found unconscious.Pete from the Who raised blisters out from the Dead.Not Fade Away!
Throughout the years it has been a lonesome quest looking for people that might had been,but there are fewer and fewer.The Dead once invited a friend that was reporting for the Guardian in London about that phenomenon so called deadheads that had sprung from the Dead Freaks Unite.
Inch your way through another land,so to speak...

Joined: Jun 16 2007
Dead Concerts in Europe

I too saw the band in Newcastle, Alexandra Palace, Rainbow and Wembley. All were wonderful shows (esp Newcastle -my home town) BUT what about next year's 50th celebrations? Now that Phil is coming surely he'll be able to persuade some/all of the surviving members to visit Europe next year. let's start a petition!

FreedomHaul's picture
Joined: Nov 30 2013
Want to affirm this, details

Want to affirm this, details desired!

Deadicated's picture
Joined: Jun 4 2007

Seriously you jest! I'd love to hear all the detail you'd provide - especially about the Wembley(s)!


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